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Claire Goll

German writer


Born Oct 29, 1890             

in Nuremberg, Germany,

Died May 30, 1977             

in Paris, France  

Biographical Detail:           

Grew up in Munich as the second child of a German-Jewish family

1911     Married with Heinrich Studer, moved to Leipzig

1912     Gave birth to daughter Doralies

1917     Divorced from Studer and lost custody for Doralies, who was sent to Zurich to live with Studer’s parents

1917     Moved to Geneva, Switzerland; Studied medicine and psychology; Earned a living as a writer for newspapers and pacifist journals

1919     Moved to Zurich and Ascona before settling in Paris in November

1921     Married Yvan Goll

1938     Attempted suicide

1939     Emigrated to America due to fear of war and persecution by the Nazis

1942     Mother was transported to Ausschwitz (Official date of her death: Sept 19)

1947     Returned to Paris

1950     Husband Yvan Goll died of leukaemia

1977     Died May 30 in Paris

Literary Activity & Artistic Practice:

  • stimulated by the extraordinary community of writers and artists in Switzerland during WW1
  • wrote and published fashion, art, film and theatre reviews
  • published collections of short fiction and volumes of verse (e. Mitwelt andLyrische Filme)
  • translated and edited novels as well as international collections of poetry
  • together with Yvan Goll, she wrote several joint volumes of love poetry (including Poèmes d’amour [Poems of Love], Poèmes de jalousie [Poems of Jealousy]) and Poèmes de la vie et de la mort [Poems of Life and Death])
  • most famous novel: Der Neger Jupiter raubt Europa

Selection of Works:     

Mitwelt (1918)

Lyrische Filme (1922)

Une allemande à Paris (1924)

Une Perle (1929)

Education barbare (Barbaric Education) (1941)

Le Ciel volé  (Stolen Sky) (1958)

Der gestohlene Himmel (ditto) (1962)

Ballerine de la peur (Ballerina of Fear) (1971)

Traumtänzerin (Dream Dancer) (1971)

Der Neger Jupiter raubt Europa (1987)



Blumenthal, Bernhardt. “Rilke and Claire Goll.” Modern Austrian Literature, vol. 15, no. 3-4, 1982, pp. 169-182. (Link to Source)

Artist’s Estate:

Deutsches Literaturarchiv, Schiller-Nationalmuseum, Marbach am Neckar (Link to Website)

Story Map of the Artist’s Life: 

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